Toyota Supra Concept: Coming to Detroit?

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This time it may finally happen.

We've been hearing this rumor for quite some time and it's almost a little hard to believe that Toyota will actually get this one done. Yes, we're talking about a new Supra, the car fans have been craving to see revived and the car Toyota remained non-committal about. Although the automaker has hinted that it would like to offer something about the FR-S/GT86 and it did sign a partnership with BMW to build a new sports car, Toyota execs refused to confirm or admit anything.

Fortunately the crew at Autoblog managed to get some info recently and Supra fans ought to be delighted. A few high-level Toyota execs admitted at the Tokyo Motor Show that the company plans to"shock the world with a Supra concept car" for this year's Detroit show. Nothing else mentioned or any indication given whether or not this concept is a continuation of the FT-HS concept from 2007 or something new entirely. We're betting on the latter. So why a new Supra concept now? Simple answer: the upcoming Acura NSX. What a match-up that could be. We'll have our answer in just a few weeks.

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