Toyota Supra Price Will Be "Acceptable To Toyota Fans"


Toyota is feeling the pressure to keep the price of the new Supra competitive.

There's a lot we know about the new Toyota Supra. We know it's finally going to debut in Detroit next month. We know what it looks like thanks to leaked images. We know it will be powered by an inline-six engine developed by BMW. We know it sounds sweet. What we still don't know, however, is how much it will cost.

Speaking with GoAuto, Toyota Supra Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada wouldn't confirm the pricing for the new Supra but said it will be "acceptable for Toyota fans" and be competitive. "The segment for this Supra is very competitive, there are so many other competitors as you know in this segment. So, to compete with that, it has to be so much more fun than its competitors. So, it's a lot of pressure, and that's why we have to limit the price as well. The goal for a Toyota sportscar is not to sell a lot, but to sell Supra to fans who like cars a lot," he said.

People's perception of an "acceptable" price will vary, but the BMW Z4, which shares components with the Supra, will reportedly start at $64,695. However, Tada's comments suggest the Supra will be aimed more at the mass market. Having said that, the Supra will be positioned above the Toyota 86 sports car, which starts at $26,455, while the range-topping model starts at $29,305. It seems likely that the entry-level Supra will cost between $30,000 and $50,000, but we'll have to wait for Toyota to officially announce the pricing.

It's fair to say the new Toyota Supra has a lot to live up to. The iconic sports car is being revived for the first time since 2002, and Toyota is feeling the pressure to meet people's high expectations. "Of course (there is pressure to succeed). With the fifth-generation Supra, the old heritage from the previous generations have to be succeeded with the newest technology," he said.

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