Toyota Supra Unsuccessfully Morphs Into Lamborghini Reventon

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This is how you ruin a perfectly nice Toyota Supra.

Hampered by financial restraints and modest monthly budgets, many gearheads are seldom able to purchase their dream cars. For many, Lamborghini ownership will remain an unreachable aspiration. The cheapest model, for instance, sports an eye-watering price tag of around $220,000.

That didn't stop one Dutch individual from transforming his Toyota Supra into what is certainly one of the most polarizing custom builds we've ever seen. Once a perfectly lovely 1990 Mk3, the legendary Japanese sports car has been turned into a crude replica of the legendary Lamborghini Reventon.

Unsurprisingly, it's up for sale on The dealership selling the eccentric recreation ambitiously describes the vehicle as "beautifully done with the appearance of a €200,000 car." We have to disagree; it's certainly not fooling anyone.

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Even the most successful design elements (the front bumper and rear fascia) cannot disguise the Supra's boxier lines. The angular styling of the Aventador sits at odds with the 80's design and lends the Toyotaghini a stubby, awkward profile. Credit where credit is due, the rear is a decent attempt at capturing the Reventon's famed derriere, save for the taillights. The aftermarket wheels bear no resemblance to the turbine-like items found on the real Lambo.

The build also got the color right, at least. Lamborghini only painted the 1-of-20 hypercar in Grigio Reventon and, while not an exact match, the matte grey paintwork does stay on theme. Despite the prominent engine cover, you'll be sorely disappointed once you lift it and find nothing there. The Supra retains its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive setup. It appears the stock 3.0-liter straight-six hasn't been fettled with, either.

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If, somehow, you were fooled by the exterior, the cabin will clue you into the vehicle's origins. The steering wheel still proudly wears the Supra nomenclature. The boxy dashboard and its Toyota dials are another telltale sign, but a pair of tired-looking seats do their best to uplift the worn cabin - look closely and you'll see the exposed wiring.

It's certainly not the worst creation we've seen this year, although this Supra/Lamborghini mashup certainly comes close. The real shocker comes once you glance at the price tag. The dealership in question is asking €19,950 (approx. $25,250) which is a lot of money. It gets even worse when you realize the person behind this unconventional build sacrificed a manual-equipped Supra.

Should the Supra's former keeper ever get similar ideas, we'd suggest they take inspiration from this rather impressive 350Z transformation we recently caught a glimpse of.

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