Toyota Supra With 156,000 Miles Is Worth More Than A New One

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A Supra with what looks like a pretty bad oil leak sells for absurd money.

A brand new, modern manual transmission-equipped, A91 generation Toyota Supra will run you $56,845 MSRP.

This one, with 155,674 miles, is worth almost an entire Toyota Corolla more, and it's certainly seen better days. This car sold on Bring a Trailer earlier this week, with the hammer falling at $74,778.

The Supra has long spent time at the top of the "inflated values" charts, but this one could take the cake. Still, it doesn't seem to bother prospective buyers, with one saying, "affordable 6-speed LHD car - and I bet it drives pretty great still."

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The commenter may be correct, and we've seen low-mile MKIV Supras change hands for well into six figures.

So, comparatively, this one sold at a considerable discount. Still, you'll spend quite a lot of money getting the car right. There appears to be a leak near the driveshaft, for starters. This seems to be the engine side of the shaft, which could be anything from a line to a rear main seal- a costly job on any car.

Of course, there are also some obvious cosmetic issues, the car's age notwithstanding. The shifter boot is torn, and there are plenty of scratches on the rear bumper near the exhaust. The seller also noted a ding in the driver's door.

Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer Bring A Trailer

Of course, that just means you can drive this one and not worry about it, given Toyota's reliability and this car's cosmetic faults.

Clearly, the seller made some money. The car reportedly belonged to his neighbor. In the comments, the seller says he told the original owner to sell him the car if he decided to sell it. That was a good idea.

We're not sure if Toyota's legendary Supra is worth nearly six figures in this shape, but the market, at least over on BAT, seems to think so. Given how good the new Supra with a stick is, we might be able to confidently say we'd rather have the new Supra for the first time.

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Source Credits: Bring a Trailer

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