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Toyota Surprises California Fire Hero In The Best Way Possible

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This is how you thank someone who saved lives using a Toyota Tundra.

Last year, Northern California was rocked by devastating wildfires near the town of Paradise and residents were forced to flee their homes. While escaping the fires, a nurse named Allyn Pierce took it upon himself help save two individuals using his Toyota Tundra, which he called The Pandra. Thanks to the incredible build quality of the truck, Pierce was able to get out of the area and rescue two others in the process.

Toyota was so moved by Pierce's actions that the company gifted him a brand-new Tundra to replace the one that was burnt. Now, a company called Rockstar Garage has taken The Pandra 2.0 (aka the Panda Pro) and customized it to pay homage to the original truck and its heroic driver.

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And Toyota didn't just replace Pierce's Tundra, the company upgraded it completely by giving outfitting his new truck with the TRD Pro spec. The TRD Pro Tundra is the most expensive and off-road focused Toyota truck money can buy, but apparently, there was still room to improve it. And so the Pandra Pro was taken to Team + Bullet Liner in Murrieta, California to receive a very unique paint job.

Instead of using actual paint, the Tundra's exterior was covered in bed liner coating, allowing it to be tough and scratch resistant. The goal was to replicate the look of the original Pandra, and the thick bed liner coating perfectly captured the burnt appearance of the metal and plastic.

After a white base coat was applied, a specialist was flown in from the other side of the country to apply several shades of brown, giving the truck its burnt appearance. Seeing Pandra Pro next to the original Pandra is a sight to behold. Team + did an amazing job making the new truck look like it heroically saved people in a wildfire without any of the obvious damage associated with being melted. The new truck is much larger than the old one, too, thanks to a suspension lift and massive 40-inch tires. It is truly a sight to behold.