Toyota Tacoma is the Ultimate Match For Your Messy Girlfriend

With clever marketing and add on options like water-proof seats, it's no wonder Tacoma is the number one compact pickup in the US.

Who hasn't seen this scenario play out? Your girl got into a fight with one of her gal pals and she turns to you for a shoulder to cry on. This clever Toyota Tacoma commercial takes it to the extreme but the point is well made. Things are not going to get crapped up in a Tacoma. Well, its less likely if you order it with water-resistant seating and all weather flooring, so even if your girl doesn't cry you a river, it will still protect you from kids and pets, which are, in reality, sources of non stop leaking fluids.

Lets also not discount the fact that your girl is at some point going to spill a 40 ounce soft drink in your car, its just the cosmic way of things.

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