Toyota Tacoma Owners Have An Annoying Problem


But it can be stopped.

It turns out the Toyota Tacoma is not only popular with buyers in the US state of Hawaii (it's been the best-selling vehicle there for years), but also amongst thieves. Hot-selling vehicles always draw the attention of criminals for numerous reasons, and in the case of the Tacoma, the tailgate is the attraction.

According to Hawaii news affiliate KHON2, Honolulu Crimestoppers has issued an alert about an increase in reported tailgate thefts from Tacoma owners. The Honolulu Police Department is fully aware of this new trend as well. The tailgate theft trend is happening not only because there are lots of Tacomas in the area, but also largely due to the fact that the tailgates can be moved easily and quickly as there's no tailgate lock.


Without a lock, the tailgate can be removed in mere seconds. A local repair shop manager demonstrated on a Nissan truck which also does not have a tailgate lock, just how fast it can be removed. It took him 25 seconds. Not a single tool was used. However, this problem largely affects older models because starting in the 2016 model year Tacomas came with a lock. Tailgates could still be stolen but the lock made the task more difficult. Hawaiian authorities are now encouraging Tacoma and other older model truck owners to buy inexpensive do-it-yourself locks and latches, hose-clamps, and various other aftermarket tailgate anti-theft devices.


Local dealerships will even help these owners install them if necessary. A vehicle alarm system would also work just fine. Replacing a stolen tailgate is typically covered by insurance, but even so, truck owners can easily take preventive measures to avoid this from happening in the first place.


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