Toyota Tacoma Set for Fall Refreshing

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The best-selling compact truck in America is getting even better this Fall.

The Toyota Tacoma is set for a full-scale makeover coming in October. Though the guts will remain the same, the Tacoma will be updated on both the interior and exterior for a much needed freshening up of the compact truck. From the WSJ, Bob Carter, VP and brand manager for Toyota said: "The pickup will have a new exterior design and a redone interior as well as entertainment systems, but will keep the same engine and frame. It's an important segment for us because it provides us with young customers."

The Tacoma has dominated the compact pickup market for quite some time as both Ford and GM have focused their attention on the full-size pickup market. Toyota believes that if the continuing trend of rising fuel prices persist, the compact truck market could see a big revival of interest. To stay ahead of the pack, the Tacoma will feature a restyled interior complete with entertainment systems and a slightly redesigned exterior. The Tacoma runs a 4.0-liter V6 that puts out 236hp and 266lb-ft of torque. The refreshed Toyota Tacoma will arrive this October with several other new products from Toyota.

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