Toyota Tacoma Will Let You 3D Print Cool Tools And Gadgets

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But you need to know the secret location of the website.

Toyota is getting in on the 3D printing game with the all-new 2024 Tacoma. The press release for the new truck states that there's a hidden side pocket on the driver's side dashboard and that it has a QR Code. The QR takes you to a Toyota website where owners will find dimensions to design and 3D print their own accessories.

At the time of writing, we were on the ground in Hawaii with the new Tacoma, so we found the hidden side pocket but no QR Code. We assume it's because the website is not operational yet, which makes sense considering the first trim levels are only expected to go on sale in late 2023.

If this 3D printing business sounds familiar, it's because it is.


Ford pioneered the idea of allowing owners to print 3D goodies for their Mavericks using the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS).

According to several Maverick forums, FITS kind of fell flat for two reasons. First, the 3D-printed accessories Ford launched with were hardly revolutionary, and the location of the mount made it hard to design anything worthwhile. Most of the CAD files Ford owners shared among themselves ate into the already limited legroom the middle rear seat has.

Toyota will launch with more than a cupholder and a cable organizer. It mentions a lantern, multitool, and toolkit. We're not sure what dimensions Toyota will provide, but hopefully, all of the new and updated storage spaces on the inside and outside of the Tacoma will be open to customer-made modification and upgrade.


The most likely scenario is cool gadgets and innovative storage solutions for the shelf integrated into the instrument panel and the storage space under the rear seats in the Double Cab. As we learned with the reveal, Toyota says the under-seat storage is three times larger than the previous model. This ample storage space will be even more helpful if you can 3D print all kinds of dividers, boxes, or even a safe to its exact measurement.

It will be interesting to see whether the planned website will allow customers to submit CAD files other Tacoma drivers can use. If not, it will be about five minutes before a new thread is opened on the various Tacoma forums.

This small but significant gesture is quite refreshing in the age of digital subscriptions and charging customers for extra performance.


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