Shooting Brake

Toyota Teases Another GT86 Variant We're Never Going To Get

Stop toying around with us, Toyota. Please.

Toyota's been a perennial tease with its GT86 sports car over the years. Right from the very beginning, from when the humble sports car we know today was being previewed by the first of three FT86 concept cars in 2009, Toyota has been playing hokey pokey with gearheads. Whether it's hinting at more powerful versions, droptops to take on the MX-5 and so on. As a result, we're not shocked at all that Toyota's come up with another "just put the damn thing in production" concept car based on the GT86.

As its name implies, the Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake is the hypothetical wagon version of the GT86 coupe. No surprises, then, that Toyota's bringing up how practical this version is, with claims that surfboards and the like can easily fit in the back. What's more, the GT86 Shooting Brake is "even more neutral in tight corners" than the conventional coupe. How does Toyota know this, you ask? Because the Shooting Brake concept you see in these pictures is a fully-functioning car, complete with (we assume) the same 2.0-liter boxer-four good for 200 horsepower to the rear wheels and a six-speed manual to control all the action. Surely we're not alone in thinking that's a brilliant recipe for a compact sports wagon?

Indeed, Toyota's admitted it's showcasing this Shooting Brake concept to gauge the public's reaction to the possibility of a more practical GT86. However, the company's also conceded that it's highly unlikely this concept will ever be given the green light for production. Not only does it defeat the entire point of showcasing a one-off mockup to the masses, but it further reinforces the point we made earlier that Toyota just can't stop messing around with us car enthusiasts and our combined enthusiasm for an expanded GT86 model lineup.

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