Toyota Teases FT-1 Vision GT Concept; Next-Gen Supra is Nigh

To be rolled out on Gran Turismo 6 soon.

Ever since Toyota unveiled the FT-1 Concept at the Detroit Motor Show in January, we have been following this car very closely. After all, this is the car that has every chance of evolving into the next-generation Supra. It was recently reported the Japanese carmaker was working on a new FT-1 Concept, further improving its chances of being green-lit, and now Toyota has teased this – the FT-1 Vision GT concept that’s bound for Gran Turismo 6.

A more track-focused derivative, the virtual concept will wear a more aggressive body kit, large rear wing, massive carbon-fiber rear diffuser, and will “soon be available for download.” Chances are Toyota will roll out a life-size model of the new race-spec concept. The next-gen Supra is sure to follow sometime thereafter.

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