Toyota Teases New Tundra Engine

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We know it will feature i-Force Max.

The current-generation Toyota Tundra has been around since 2007, but a new model is finally on the horizon. Toyota recently teased its next-generation full-size truck with a dark silhouetted photo showing the bold headlight design. This appeared to support previous leaks and subsequent renderings, giving us a good idea of what the new Tundra will look like. Toyota has given us a rough idea of what to expect under the hood, too, confirming this new truck will arrive with two engine options.

In the second teaser for the 2022 Tundra, Toyota decided to show us one of the available engines. The image is pretty zoomed in, but we clearly spot the iForce Max name that Toyota trademarked back in February. This could be our first look at the Tundra's new twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

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The image purposefully doesn't give away much, but it clearly shows three sections on the left side of the engine cover, denoting a bank of cylinders. Simple math shows two cylinder banks with three cylinders each would be a V6 engine. Toyota first used the iForce name on the Tundra's 4.7-liter V8, later migrating it to the current 5.7-liter engine. This name previously denoted the Tundra's most powerful engine, but the arrival of a new iForce Max insinuates a standard iForce engine could slot below the engine in the teaser.


Rumors suggest the Tundra's new twin-turbo V6 will produce 450 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque, going out through a 10-speed automatic. This engine will mate to a hybrid drivetrain, yielding stellar fuel economy of up to 30 mpg. As for the second engine, the details are less clear. If we had to guess, Toyota could offer a less powerful iForce engine as the base powertrain, helping to bring down the Tundra's starting price. After this latest teaser, it shouldn't be much longer until we see the new Tundra in full.

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