Toyota Teases Tacoma (Again), This Time Showing Dusty Front End Instead of Muddy One

The message remains the same.

We never doubted that the upcoming next generation of the Toyota Tacoma, due to be unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, would be able to handle some impressive offroad conditions. Nobody who knows anything at all about Toyota trucks was likely to doubt it either, but Toyota nonetheless felt it was very important to show the truck (what little of it we could see anyway) sloshing through mud in the first teaser revealed ahead of the debut.

Well, a new teaser shot has just been sent out, and this one carries the same message. In fact, the shot is similar to the first one in a few ways. For one, it is squared up on the lights, headlights in this case, with the last one showing taillights. And here we can see dust being thrown up around the car instead of mud. But it does look good, and it will certainly be a complete redesign for the truck. The vehicle will be revealed in Detroit next month, although at the rate these teasers have been coming, we may be able to piece it together before then.

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