Toyota to Axe the Matrix?

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Toyota reportedly weighing weather to give its Corolla-based hatchback the blue pill or the red pill.

If you've had your eye on a Toyota Matrix but have been dragging your feet about actually buying, we'd suggest getting on with it, because word on the street has it that Toyota will be discontinuing the hatchback in a little over a month from now. Despite technically being a Japanese car, the Toyota Matrix has one of the highest proportion of American parts of any car - import or domestic – on the market. It was for a time also sold as the Pontiac Vibe, but that of course ended when GM shut down the brand.

With the current Corolla still selling hot (Toyota claiming it as the top-selling car in the world), and with a new Corolla around the corner, the Matrix may not be long for this world. And the next-gen Corolla may not spawn a new Matrix, either – at least not one wearing the same nameplate. Sales could continue for a while in Canada, however, where the Matrix has traditionally sold stronger than in the United States.

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