Toyota To Unveil New SUV Concept, Not The New Supra, At Detroit


Yeah, we were disappointed too.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming reborn Toyota Supra: it won’t be a Toyota or called ‘Supra.’ As we learned not long ago, the sports car will likely wear a Gazoo badge (Toyota’s racing team) instead and the Supra nameplate is still not a sure thing. But what we can confirm, thanks to Motor Trend, is that the car will not debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month. Toyota group vice president and general manager of Toyota North America, Jack Hollis, confirmed this update.

The reason being is that the sports car specifications are still not finalized and, more importantly, it’s simply not at production levels yet. Furthermore, its name hasn’t even been finalized. Aside from Supra, “there are other names that could be better,” Hollis said. So, like Celica? MR2? S800? What will Toyota be showcasing in Detroit instead? One strong possibility is yet another SUV crossover concept, one perhaps that specifically previews the next generation RAV4. Toyota has been on something of an SUV urban crossover concept binge lately, debuting three in the past six months alone.Take a wild guess as to what vehicle segment is most profitable these days.

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The FT-AC concept, unveiled last week at LA, will not be making a second appearance at Detroit because Toyota has something else planned. Our bet is on a RAV4 concept. For now, however, we’ll have to remain patient regarding that new sports car, whatever it’ll be called.