Toyota Trailhunter Coming With Overlanding Upgrades

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Toyota will reveal more details in 2024.

This year at SEMA, Toyota decided it was "go big or go home." So, it unveiled a massive eight new off-road and overlanding concepts. This is one of them. The Toyota Trailhunter will be a totally new grade of truck from Toyota.

Basically, that means you'll be able to buy a Toyota Tundra Trailhunter like the one we saw in person at SEMA, or a Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter, or any number of "purpose-built trucks and SUVs under the Trailhunter name."

These Trailhunter vehicles will come right from the factory, built specifically to fit the needs of those who enjoy a little overlanding on the weekends while still maintaining the benefits of buying a factory-new vehicle.

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Toyota built this Tundra concept vehicle for SEMA to show what new off-the-lot Trailhunter cars could look like, including an array of accessories from Toyota. This truck boasts a bespoke suspension setup and a lift kit.

Also fitted are new Trailhunter-specific skid plates, a roof rack, replacement bumpers, lighting, a fridge, a roof tent, and more. It's unclear if it's just branding, but we also spied what may be some control arms specific to these new vehicles. However, these could also be the very same ones from the Tundra's new TRD lift kit.

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All vehicles that will get the Trailhunter treatment will also come with specific badging, so you can tell all the other people on the trails you got the cool one. However, Toyota hasn't elaborated on what may be standard on this trim and what won't be.

Thankfully, it says additional details on the Trailhunters will be shared next year. We expect this to include more specifics like standard equipment and pricing.

We believe these models will sit near the top of each vehicle's trim structure, much like some TRD Pro models do now.

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