Toyota Tundra Proves It Will Outlast Chevys And Fords

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It doesn't happen often, so when it does, it needs to be commended. Big time. Originally reported by The Drive, a second Toyota Tundra has hit the coveted 1 million mark. Amazingly, its owner happens to be friends with the owner of the first 1 million-mile Tundra, Victor Sheppard. Aaron Morvant works as what's called a hotshot driver in southern Louisiana. That's oil country, and oil refineries operated by big corporations like Shell and Exxon are often in dire need of replacement parts.

Without those parts, they could lose millions of dollars when the refineries are offline. That's where hotshot drivers come in. They receive emergency calls to transport the necessary repair parts to the refineries as fast as possible. That's Morvant's full-time job and he required a reliable pickup truck as his co-worker.

"I heard on the radio that 80% of Toyota's purchased in the last 20 years were still on the road," Morvant said. "I needed a truck that was dependable to run as a hotshot, so this was one of those no-brainers."

Then his pal Vic Sheppard offered his advice: get a Tundra. Sheppard also works as a hotshot and his Tundra has never let him down. Morvant ended up buying a 2007 Tundra SR double cab powered by the 4.7-liter V8. When he reached 100,000 miles, he even switched to the same Toyota dealership as Sheppard, again from his friend's advice. A dealership with a good maintenance department is essential.

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The Drive even had a chance to check out Morvant's truck and noticed immediately its overall great condition. Of course, there's normal wear and tear and some dents, but there's nothing mechanically wrong. The bed, however, is damaged but that's because Morvant regularly exceeds his Tundra's 1,300-pound payload capacity. He's also on his 20th set of tires, second alternator, and the transmission has been rebuilt. Interestingly, he regrets the rebuild even though it was shifting properly.

"Looking back at it, I probably just needed it flushed." Both Morvant and Sheppard continue their hotshot driving professions and their Tundras are still loyally by their side. Photos courtesy of Tim Esterdahl

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