Toyota Tundra To Tow Space Shuttle Endeavour

Toyota pickup will Endeavor to tow more than 30 times its capacity as space shuttle moves to its final resting place in California.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour served NASA and the United States brilliantly for 25 missions over the span of almost 20 years. The fifth and final space-worthy shuttle built by NASA, Endeavour is set for a grand retirement at the California Science Center. Having a truck partnership with the Center in an effort to promote awareness of the space program and to educate the public on all things extraterrestrial through exhibits and programs, Toyota is preparing to tow the shuttle with a Tundra pickup truck.

The truck in question is a bone-stock 2012 Tundra CrewMax 1/2-ton pickup, which will pull the Endeavour for a quarter mile to the CSC where both the truck and space ship will go on display. The impressive payload will consist of the 150,000-lb Endeavour orbiter plus an array of dollies, bolster beams, transport carrier and other miscellaneous add-ons. All told, the Tundra will have to pull a total of 292,500 lbs, a truly staggering total considering it's only certified to pull 10,000lbs.

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