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Toyota U2 Concept is the Van of the Future


It's a car, van, and truck all rolled into one.

Toyota has introduced the Urban Utility (U2) concept, one could easily describe as the van of the future. For the record, the carmaker says the U2 is the “size of a compact car with the functionality of a compact truck and the spaciousness of a cargo van." Unique features include a retractable roof and huge tailgate that doubles up as a ramp. The distinctive styling extends from the exterior to the cabin, which boasts a unique instrument cluster, an iPad-based infotainment system, floating arm rest, and avant-garde gear selector.

The U2 also comes with a removable front passenger seat and a rail system designed to hold all manner of objects, from baskets to bike stands. The Toyota U2 concept will debut at the World Maker Faire in NYC later this month.

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