Toyota UK Blogs About The History Of The Supra


The only thing we'd like more than Supra history is a new Supra.

It's always fun to read about the history of the Toyota Supra, and we've even had fun writing about it on more than one occasion. The car that started life as a higher-performance trim of the sporty Celica would eventually evolve into a proper GT car and then a towering icon of 90s Japanese performance cars, probably the most revered of them all, at least of those sold in the US. Now Toyota UK's blog has posted a brief but interesting history of the car.

The blog post is a good read, but what has us excited is the possibility that it carries greater implications. After all, there has been a lot of talk about a new Supra from Toyota, and although it currently looks fairly likely that the car will actually make it to production, we can never be certain this far in advance. But it's possible that this blog post is part of a bigger campaign at Toyota to drum up excitement ahead of a major Supra-related announcement, and news of an official green light. Either way, it's a good read, but we're definitely hoping for a new Supra.

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