Toyota Unveils Carbon TRD Tuning Parts For 2020 GR Supra


It was a matter of when, not if.

The amount of surprise that should be reserved towards the fact that Toyota has a stockpile of TRD (Toyota Racing Development) parts ready to be put onto the Supra is zero. Like the 86 that came before it, the Supra was built from the ground up to accommodate aftermarket parts and modifications. Even the Supra's chief engineer Tetsuya Tada told us that his team closed off air vents on the car because the existing cooling hardware was good enough, but that they're easy to reopen in case tuners need more cooling...perhaps for a 2JZ swap.

It's certain that aftermarket companies are already hard at work designing a bevy of parts so owners have a selection of them to choose from once the car hits the US market, but Japanese dealerships have jumped the gun, taking to social media to show off Supras loaded with TRD parts.


The first thing to note is TRD's heavy use of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. It's used on the front chin spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, trunk spoiler, door trim, and even the mirror caps. TRD's Japanese website even has close-ups that show the composite with carbon fiber weave patterns, just to round out the look. And because one of the first things to go on a tuned car is the original set of wheels, TRD is offering 19-inch aluminum wheels painted black and wrapped in a set of Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

Out of all the extra parts, the door trim with its attached fin is the one that looks least useful, but TRD claims it reduces turbulence from air flowing around the car. It's important to note that many of these modifications change the car's dimensions. Opting for the front lip spoiler lowers the front end by 14 millimeters while adding the side skirts lowers the side edges by 4 millimeters. The TRD rear diffuser really brings things down, dropping the Supra's butt by 24 millimeters.

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Since these aftermarket add-ons have only been announced for Japan, pricing is in yen. Nonetheless, the set of wheels with locks goes for 640,000 yen ($5,814 at today's rates), the rear spoiler costs 200,000 yen ($1,817), the front splitter's bill is 320,000 yen ($2,907), the side skirts cost 350,000 yen ($3,178), another 160,000 yen ($1,453) is required to buy the rear diffuser, and the most expensive piece aside from the wheels is the 370,000 yen ($3,361) side door garnish.

Expect prices to change only slightly when TRD ships these parts to American owners of the 2020 GR Supra.


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