Toyota Unveils Ponam-31: World’s First Sports Utility Cruiser Boat

Limited to 15 units per year.

Having built boats since 1997, Toyota is no stranger to creating water-going machines and its latest creation, dubbed Ponam-31, has the additional honor of establishing a new segment called the sports utility cruiser. Combining performance with comfort, the Ponam-31 can be used for cruising as well as marine sports, with power coming from two Land Cruiser Prado-sourced 3.0-liter inline-four diesel engines with total output rated at 520 hp.

Toyota has tuned the engines for marine applications, using an optimized turbo, intercooler and fuel injectors to keep emissions, noise and vibration levels to a minimum. It boasts an aluminum alloy hull that helps reduce noise and reverberations created by waves and a rear deck rail inspired by a car spoiler. Inside, the compact cabin comes with a dining table, while a secondary cockpit has seating for five. Toyota aims to sell 15 units per year, with prices starting from 29,700,000 Yen, or just over $275,000.

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