Toyota Up-Shifting Performance - But Not the GT 86

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New selection of driver-cars won't bring more speed to the GT.

Following the outstanding FT-1 Concept from Detroit, rumors of Toyota's upcoming range of performance models have been raging across the auto world. With Toyota re-patenting the Supra, it is expected to unveil one in the near future. Toyota executives also told Top Gear UK that the company is looking to become more performance-oriented with a range of new models: "We need more emotional cars." This is even supposed to be seen in the next Camry's design.

"Toyotas should be drivers' cars. Our cars need to improve, especially for European tastes", said Karl Schlicht, executive vice-president for Toyota Motor Europe. However, he also went on to say that we shouldn't hold our breath for a faster edition of the Toyota GT 86 / Scion FR-S. "We want to keep that car pure. You put a turbo on it, give it bigger tires, and you start turning it into a different category of car," he said. Perhaps he's right, but isn't that exactly the sort of 'emotional' car we would love to have?

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