Toyota V8-Powered Home-Built Lamborghini Diablo: Winning!

Building a Lambo Diablo from scratch with a Toyota V8 engine? Winning!

A very determined man in China couldn't afford a Lamborghini, so he decided to build his own. The extensive and difficult undertaking paid off with the finished product looking exactly like a Diablo VT Roadster. Starting from scratch, the Chinese fella built his own chassis and platform (the foam body was the only part built by someone else). He welded and painted the faux-supercar and even installed the Toyota V8 twin turbo engine by himself.

The chassis, built from steel rods, was a very difficult and tedious procedure along with hooking up all the wiring. The home-made Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster took a full year to complete, from start to finish. For his amazing creation and meticulous display of craftsmanship and weld-work, along with attention to detail, we say to you Chinese man, you sir, are winning.

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