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Toyota Wants More Green Cars but Trucks Make More Money


It's actually somewhat ironic.

It was Toyota who launched the world’s first mass-produced hybrid, the Prius, back in 1997. It’s been fun to hate ever since. The Japanese automaker has been investing billions of dollars into its gasoline-electric hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles for several years now, but its latest record profit numbers can be attributed to its trucks. Because gas prices, compared to elsewhere in the world, are relatively cheap in the US, pickup truck sales have been on the rise.

Toyota’s own lineup, the Tacoma and Tundra, are selling very well. For example, the Tundra has experienced a 10 percent sales increase from January-June of this year. Ironically enough, Toyota is investing those truck profits into its future green car lineup. The light truck category, which also consists of SUVs, crossovers, as well as minivans, accounted for nearly 42 percent of Toyota’s total US sales in the first half of 2014 – that’s a five percent increase from that time last year. The next-gen Prius will definitely need to write the Tundra a "thank you" note for its existence.

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