Toyota Wants the Nurburgring EV Record Lap

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Toyota has put the Electric RaceAbout EV and the Peugot EX1 on notice with their new EV sportscar. The sportscar will run the Nordschleife and try to beat 9:01, the EX1's current single-lap record.

As we recently reported on CarBuzz, the Electric RaceAbout EV recently lapped the Nurburgring in a record time of 9:08 and Peugot has one-upped them with their EX1, setting a blistering (for an EV) time of 9:01. Now Toyota has put the EV mark on the fabled German race track in their sights. The Japanese automaker wants to lead the EV charge on the Nordschleife although they have not yet released which vehicle would run the 'ring.

They did give some details on the mysterious EV's specs, saying it can sprint from 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and reach a speed plateau of 162mph. "We are extremely confident we can break the record by some distance, which is an indication of how EV performance is continuously improving. TMG is a leader in high-performance powertrains and we want to show the world how far this technology has developed. Our mission is to advance this technology, not only in motorsport but in the automotive sector in general, to deliver products with more performance and better durability for our customers," commented Rob Leupen, TMG's Director of Business Operations.

The 100 percent electric car will certainly be a two-seater and should be a formidable opponent to the EX1. Toyota is expected to release their schedule for their record-breaking attempt in the next few days. Photos displayed are of the Toyota GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept

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