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Toyota Waves Goodbye To One Of Its Coolest Models

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We hardly knew ye.

Everyone knows about Toyota's awesome sport sedan, right? No, not the Camry, the Mark X. If you're scratching your head wondering what car we're talking about, you won't be alone. Toyota's Mark X sedan isn't sold outside of Japan, so there's very little chance you've ever actually seen one. Despite this, we think the Mark X is worth your attention, especially considering Toyota builds a 313-horsepower GRMN version with rear-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual.

We would love to have received the Mark X in the United States but now it seems that dream will remain a fantasy. After the 2019 model year, Toyota will end production of its awesome sport sedan.

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Although it has gone by different names in the past, the Mark X has been on sale since 1968, so it has plenty of historical significance to Toyota. No wonder why the company created a whole video honoring the car's history before it gets killed off. The Mark X was originally sold as the Mark II back in 1968 and later made a brief appearance in the US as the Corona Mark II. It was later renamed as the Cressida before leaving the US market, leaving only front-wheel-drive sedans like the Camry and Avalon in its place.

The name 'Mark X' arrived in 2009 and lasted for two generations until 2019. Toyota will say goodbye with a Final Edition, differentiated unique exterior touches such as 18-inch wheels and a custom front bumper. Buyers will be able to choose from three exterior colors - White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic and Precious Black Pearl. Toyota has also given the Final Edition some interesting interior touches in the form of red and black synthetic leather. It may not have a manual transmission like the GRMN version but the Mark X Final Edition is still an interesting sendoff to an awesome sport sedan we hardly knew.