Lexus Has No Plans To Increase RZ's Disappointing Range

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Lexus has confirmed that OTA or other updates will not add to the 220-mile range figure any time soon.

Lexus doesn't appear to have a plan or a solution for the RZ's poor maximum range between charges. As it currently stands, the Lexus RZ can only cover a maximum of 220 miles on a single charge on the standard wheels. If you opt for the top-spec model with 20-inch wheels, the range drops to 196 miles.

CarBuzz attended the car's launch in France and Lexus was asked about the possibilities of extending the RZ's range with the current platform. Yushi Higashiyama, Assistant Chief Engineer, said extending the wheelbase is the only way to fit a larger battery than the current one. While this would not be feasible presently as the RZ has just been launched, it could be possible at a future date if markets ask for it.

Worse still, the RZ's range won't be improved via over-the-air updates in the future. "We don't have plans for that," said Higashiyama.


There is a new "Range" mode that Lexus claims can deliver five to 10% more range than the usual Eco Mode, but that's hardly noticeable. And it's not exactly ideal for autobahns; the maximum speed in this mode is only around 62 mph.

The Tesla Model Y Long Range is significantly cheaper and comes with 330 miles of range, while the Cadillac Lyriq is in the same price bracket as the RZ and, according to the EPA, can do up to 312 miles between recharges.

A DC fast charger allows for recharging from 0-80% in half an hour, but if you only have access to an AC charger, you'll be waiting hours.


To combat the poor range, Lexus has put some systems in place. The Japanese brand recently announced a partnership with ChargePoint and Qmerit to sell a home charging solution directly from participating dealerships. This is not included in the purchase price, however. It's a bit of missed opportunity, considering Cadillac provides $1,500 towards the cost of a Qmerit home charger.

The RZ is obviously meant for the suburbs as an electric alternative to the existing RX. Owners of the latter are pretty smitten with their vehicles and will likely replace the ICE model with something familiar.

For those who need to undertake longer journeys, Lexus will include the Lexus Reserve Program as standard with every purchase, giving customers 30 free car rental days over three years.

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