Toyota Working on Corolla-Based Off-Roader?

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According to a recent patent filing from Toyota.

The all-new Corolla hatchback is a pretty big deal, helping to fix Toyota's image as a company that only builds boring cars. Hopefully, Toyota takes it a step further by introducing a "hot" version of the new Corolla hatchback, which could have some form of hybridization producing GTI-levels of performance. While the hot Corolla is still being considered, Auto Guide reports that Toyota could be working on another version of the Corolla hatch with a raised suspension for off-road use.


Earlier this week, Toyota reportedly filed for a patent on the name 'Corolla Cross' with the European Intellectual Property Organization. This could point towards a potential new Corolla model with raised suspension and plastic body cladding much like the Ford Focus Active, Subaru Crosstrek, and Volkswagen Golf Alltrak. Details aren't available yet, but the Corolla Cross would likely be powered by the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine (making 168 horsepower) found in the Corolla hatch and Lexus UX.

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Hatchback-based off-roaders have been growing in popularity in the US, and more companies are starting to see the advantage of them. Some customers don't need a large crossover or SUV, but still want to do some off-roading. Another interesting theory of ours is that Toyota could rebadge the C-HR and give it the Corolla Cross name.

We really enjoyed the C-HR, but compared to the Corolla hatch it's feeling dated. This move would also give the C-HR better name recognition, as it's currently the only model in Toyota's lineup that uses letters instead of a real name. Perhaps a Toyota Cross replacement could be in the works, although Toyota would have to add an all-wheel-drive option because the C-HR is currently front-wheel-drive only.


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