Toyota's Dual Tacoma Surprise Is Coming

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Details are scarce but here's what we know.

Despite its last redesign coming in 2016, the Toyota Tacoma remains an immensely popular pickup. The third-generation mid-size truck has received several updates since, such as a facelift last year and a new TRD lift kit in February. But if something isn't broken then there's no need to fix it. Toyota could launch a fourth-gen Tacoma by 2024 but, for now, will continue improving the existing model, such as the "two new adventure-ready" trims scheduled to debut on June 2.

The automaker has released a single teaser image indicating a 2022 model year update is happening. Two trucks are briefly shown, one of which is likely a TRD Pro model whose identification is clearly given away by the TRD badge on the wheel's center cap.


The truck on the left simply has a Toyota-branded center cap though both seem to share a set of Goodyear Wrangler tires. Also noteworthy is the TRD version's exterior paint color. Based on the current body-color offerings, this appears to be a new option and it's possible it'll be reserved only for the TRD Pro. Under the hood, we expect both the 2.7-liter four-cylinder with 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, and optional 3.5-liter V6 with 278 hp and 265 lb-ft to be carried over, though the next-gen Tacoma is guaranteed to receive electrical hybrid assist alongside its Tundra big brother.

And speaking of the next Tundra, Toyota also just released the first teaser image. No reveal date was given, only that it's "coming soon."

2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Front Angle View CarBuzz
2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Badge CarBuzz
2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Dashboard CarBuzz
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Whether it'll debut alongside these new Tacoma trims remains to be seen. What will be shown with the Tacomas is the 2022 Prius Nightshade edition, the latest Toyota model to receive the blacked-out styling treatment.

The automaker also recently announced in April it has two all-new SUVs in development that'll be manufactured in Indiana. There's a good chance one will be a Sequoia successor and the second will be a Lexus. In the meantime, full details for this pair of Tacomas are only a week away and the all-new Tundra isn't far behind.

2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Front View Driving CarBuzz
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2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Dashboard
2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Badge
2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Front Angle View
2019-2020 Toyota Tacoma Side View
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