Toyota's Strangest Concept Could Replace The Prius

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The weird and wonderful Toyota LQ concept is allegedly entering production.

There are many weird and wonderful concept cars that debut at motor shows but never make it to production. We assumed the futuristic-looking Toyota LQ electric concept that was shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show with advanced AI technology would fall into this category. But according to Japan's Spyder7, Toyota is planning to put the LQ into production.

The publication claims the design will be heavily inspired by the concept, albeit toned down for the production version with oval-shaped headlights replacing the concept's diagonal ones and larger side windows. One of the concept's most striking design features was the glass panel on the front doors, but this apparently won't carry over to the production model. The rear wheels also won't be covered up like the concept. Toyota Toyota

In the concept, Toyota showcased a new artificial intelligence system called "Yui", that could learn the driver's habits and tailor the experience accordingly based on their emotional state. It can interact with the driver using voice communications, in-seat functions designed to increase alertness or reduce stress, in-car illumination, air conditioning, fragrances, and other human-machine interactions. It can also select and play music based on the driving environment and provide real-time information on topics of interest to the driver. The concept LQ was also equipped with Level 4 autonomous driving technology and an automated valet parking function.

Toyota Toyota Toyota

The Toyota LQ is expected to share the same electric powertrain as the Lexus UX 300e comprising a 54.3kWh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor producing 201 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque. On a single charge, this setup will deliver an electric range of around 186 miles, while the UX300e has an estimated range of 250 miles. In terms of dimensions, the production Toyota LQ will have similar proportions as the concept, which measured 178 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 58 inches high, with a 106-inch wheelbase.

The production Toyota LQ is expected to debut this fall and go on sale in 2021. It's unclear if it will go on sale in the US, but it seems unlikely. Who knows, perhaps we're looking at the car that will replace the Toyota Prius one day.

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Source Credits: Spyder7

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