Track and Aero Kit for the Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series Coupe

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The Benz Black Series is getting its newest member, the C-class coupe.

Mercedes-Benz's C63 AMG Coupe Black Series is an impressive and awesome car. The optional Black Series Aerodynamic and Track packages really take a great car to a whole new level. Seen at Jonsibal Design Works, the Black Series Coupe is tuned up to an impressive 510hp and 475lb-ft of torque. The performance boost is thanks to its 6.3-liter V8 engine, a new ECU, larger oil cooler and pistons, SLS crankshaft and connecting rods. The C63 is now much lighter and stronger.

Some racing touches have also been added to keep with the Black Series' credo: "Designed for the racetrack, ready for the roadway." Keeping in line with the previous Black Series lineup of the SLK55, CLK63 and SL65, the C-Series coupe gets an adjustable coilover suspension and wider 40mm front tracks and 75mm rear tracks. 100 milliseconds is all it takes for the upgraded AMG seven-speed MCT transmission to change gears and distribute power to its powerful limited-slip differential. The coupe's exterior combines the most recent C-class facelift with Black Series details.

A smooth roofline with pronounced wheel arches gives the coupe a bit of a unique look. Two beefy vents are located on the sides of the car's front, while quad trapezoidal tailpipes sit on the end of a thick diffuser. A new rear bumper gives the AMG a real feeling of extended size. The German automaker utilized many different weight saving techniques to give the Black Series coupe some get up and go. Gone are the rear seats and in are two lightweight bucket seats. As you can imagine carbon fiber with a metal finish make up the interior. The car is adorned with AMG badges so you won't forget who built your sweet, sweet ride.

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Unique additions to the Track Package include sticky Dunlop tires and a new radiator to cool the rear differential. The Aerodynamics Package includes a larger, fixed carbon spoiler along with a trendy rear wing. The Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series has an estimated (based on European pricing) cost of over $200,000.

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