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Track-Only BMW M2 Will Allegedly Pack 470 HP

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If these rumors are true, the CS won’t be the most hardcore BMW M2 after all.

Just last week, a new report claimed that the long-rumored BMW M2 CS will arrive next year with 445 hp on tap, making it even more powerful than the current M4 CS. It may not be the most hardcore version of the M2, however, as BMWBlog claims a track-only version is also in the works that will be even more powerful than the CS.

Citing unnamed sources, the publication claims the model will be called the BMW M2 Track Cup and could produce as much as 470 horsepower. For comparison, the M2 Competition pumps out 404 hp from BMW's 3.0-liter turbo inline-six. Like the M4 GT, the M2 Track Cup won't be homologated for road use according to the publication.

No other details are known, but the track-only M2 will likely be fitted with plenty of racing modifications such as track-optimized engine software, racing seats, ABS, DSC and traction control adapted specifically for motor racing. It will also likely get rear and front spoilers, an aggressive rear diffusor, carbon wing mirrors and a rear wing to improve the aerodynamics, as well as beefier brakes. The M2 Track Cup will also likely replace the current M240i Racing Cup, which competes in racing series such as the VLN Championship.

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Like the M240i Racing, the M2 Track Cup will be built in limited numbers and sold worldwide to customer racing teams. Pricing is likely to also be over $100,000 since the M240i was sold for nearly $120,000. The M2 CS is expected to arrive later this year before going on sale in 2020, so its race car sibling probably won't debut until next year at the earliest.