Track-Only P1 is a Serious Proposition

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Something like this was bound to happen.

It's become almost standard procedure for certain hypercar builders to create even more powerful track-only versions of their current flagships. Ferrari has done exactly this with the XX models, and Pagani has done so with the Zonda Revolucion. So it would make complete sense for McLaren, who happens to know a thing or two about track performance, to build a more hardcore version of the P1 road car. Only this time, it wouldn't be street legal.

According to a new report, the Woking, UK-based automaker has asked all 375 P1 owners whether or not they'd be interested in an even more intense, track-only version of the hypercar. Apparently McLaren has already begun the initial design and engineering stages for such a car. Changes from the road-going version will likely include more extreme bodywork, suspension upgrades, an even lower ride height, and, of course, more power. If those loyal McLaren owners are interested, and we highly expect they will be, then the so-called P1 Track will likely be built in very limited, double-digit numbers. Only current P1 road car owners will be offered the chance to buy one.

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