Track Terrors: Chevy Camaro Z/28 and Nissan GT-R Bump Heads

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Direct comparisons such as this don't get much better.

At first they may not seem like the best pair to face off against each other. The Chevrolet Camaro Z/28, like all other Camaros, is rear-wheel-drive. And the Nissan GT-R is, of course, all-wheel-drive. The differences in handling therefore must be noticeable, and yet this is a competition that would just be too much fun to see happen. Fortunately the crew at Motor Trend has managed to bring these two fierce track terrors together for an insane head-to-head matchup.

Both have over 500 horsepower, similar torque figures, and weigh nearly the same. While the Z/28 has a six-speed manual, the GT-R's dual-clutch means faster shift times, therefore it's faster at the drag strip. But since this is the GT-R Track Edition, and the Z/28 was made for the track, it's time to see which one is best for the winding road.


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