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Tracking Down 77 One-77s

We are going to call it, Shmee150 is an Aston Martin Fanboy, and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

You are probably familiar hearing the line “there were only200 examples made” or “This is one of only 50 models ever produced.” In most cases the reaction is going to besomewhere along the lines of “Damn this is a rare car” and that will be the endof it. The story is far from ending there though for the Hugh Grantof car spotters, Tim "Shmee150" Burton, in the case of Aston Martin only making 77 examples of the One-77 model.

He has made it one of his professional missions to track down and capture on video all seventy seven Aston Martin One-77’s that were ever produced. Talk about a cool thing to have on your bucket list. For one of Aston Martin's One-77 fans that will be no easy task, surely sending him all around the globe in his attempt. We wish him all the best in this challenge and are excited to see if he can pull it off. We also would like to add that it really must suck to be him.

Shmee150 catches up with numbers 17 and 18 at the 2013 Silverstone Classic.

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