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Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti Veyron Crash Will Cost Him A Fortune

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Despite only suffering minor damage, Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti Veyron will lose a lot of value.

Tracy Morgan recently became the proud new owner of a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport. Unfortunately, his joy was short-lived as a Honda CR-V smashed into the side of the $2 million hypercar just 15 minutes after he drove it away from the showroom. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident, and the damage to both cars is relatively minor. But despite this, the crash is going to cost the comedian and actor a small fortune.

According to TheBlast, which cites "sources familiar with the situation," the net worth of the Bugatti will instantly drop by at least $200,000 due to the accident report on the vehicle's Carfax history, despite the minimal damage on the front bumper and front left fender.

In case you're wondering why such a minor accident was logged on the Veyron's history, TheBlast reports this was necessary because Tracy was treated at the scene of the accident by medics, even though he wasn't taken to hospital for injuries. Because of this, an incident report must be taken and will now show up on the vehicle's Carfax report as an official accident.

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As for the repair bill, if the CR-V driver is found at fault for the crash her insurance will cover a small portion of the damage since the Bugatti's value is above the limits of most commercial insurance plans. However, sources claim the comedian may need to spend upwards of $50,000 out of his own pocket because the Veyron can only be fixed at an authorized Bugatti dealer rather than a regular bodyshop.

TheBlast also reports Morgan spent significantly more for his Veyron compared to what other customers paid for the supercar, which means he will face a bigger depreciation compared to other Bugatti owners. Alternatively, Morgan could sell the Veyron to a new buyer, but the car's accident history means even hardcore Bugatti collectors will likely demand a steep discount.