Tramontana Looks To Set Up Shop In The US, Build Supercar Crossover

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The hyper-exclusive marque has big plans for the US market.

It would not be so unusual if you had never heard of Tramontana before now. The Spanish boutique supercar maker only builds about a dozen cars per year, and these are the type that walk the fine line between road cars and open wheel racers. The cars, known as the XTR, cost in the neighborhood of $800,000, but the company's US distributors still think there is room for expansion. So Tramontana is now looking to open a second manufacturing plant in Florida.

The new facility could also potentially be expanded if Tramontana's plans to add a second model are realized. This second model would be quite a departure from the track-focused XTR, and would actually be an all-terrain crossover with seating for four. Tramontana also says that it would be capable of reaching 180mph and go 2,000 miles on a single tank. It probably sounds like it would be expensive to achieve all of those goals, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the price for the new model is expected to be about $400,000. Production would be kept at around 120 units annually.

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