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Trans Tech eTrans Electric-only School Bus Set to Launch in 2012

Schools will soon be able to go green when chauffeuring their students.

Schools will soon be able to take advantage of a green solution for transporting their students to and from school in the form of Trans Tech's eTrans pure electric school bus. Equipped with a 161hp electric motor powered by two 278-volt lithium-ion battery packs, the eTrans has a 100- to 130-mile range and can reach speeds of 50mph, more than appropriate for a city run. It also features an auxiliary unit fueled by compressed natural gas or propane, which runs the heating and a/c system.

Trans Tech President Dan Daniels comments that: "The eTrans will be ideal for short, defined, repetitive routes. In addition, given that most school buses operate during the day, school districts and bus contractors will be able to take advantage of lower, off-peak electricity rates by recharging their fleets at night, when demand is at its lowest." Officially unveiled last weekend, full-scale production will commence towards the end of 2012 with limited release scheduled for early next year. The price is yet to have been made public but Trans Tech ensure it will be "priced competitively".

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