Transform The Corvette C8 Into A Race Car For $1,000

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Racing-themed car cover will impress the neighbors.

If you're the sort that can afford to drop some $60,000 or more on a new rear-mid-engine sports car, you're likely the sort with enough disposable income to drop thousands on accessories.

At least, that's the gambit being made by Chevrolet, which has just revealed pricing for its racing-themed indoor car cover for the all-new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. The cover rings the bell at $1,195 before tax, making it one of the more expensive C8 Corvette accessories released so far, even though the C8.R hasn't had much of a chance to build a racing rapport, in the real world at least, what with the global pandemic putting a pin in IMSA's 2020 WeatherTech SportsCar Championship season and all.


The cover is styled after Chevrolet's No. 3 Corvette C8.R race car, complete with a matching silver-on-yellow livery, red side mirrors, No. 3 graphics, and even some faithful representations of the No. 3 car's sponsor stickers. Being an indoor cover, it has admittedly limited utility, being designed to protect the C8 from dust, debris, and incidental abrasions from your standard garage hazards - not the elements. Designed to breathe, the cover consists of a micro-porous outer film and an inner cotton layer.

Oh, and it comes with a nifty carrying bag with the image of a C8 in silhouette on the side, for when the cover isn't in use.

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At $1,195, Chevrolet's new C8.R-themed cover is more than twice the price of the company's other, less-exciting indoor car covers. We have to wonder whether it's worth the upcharge.

But then, just look at it. The indoor cover really does a first-rate impression of the new C8.R, and who doesn't want one of those sitting in their garage?

In addition to this car cover, Chevrolet is also launching a new Corvette Racing-themed set of contoured rubber floor mats for the C8 this quarter, featuring the team's iconic official "Jake" skull logo. Pricing for the set is still unknown, but we imagine it will be a far easier price tag to swallow.

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