Transform Your Maserati MC20 Into A GT3 Racer With Mansory's New Body Kit

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It's surprisingly subtle for a Mansory design.

Mansory has unveiled a new styling pack for the Maserati MC20, and surprisingly, it looks rather excellent. The Italian supercar is already a masterpiece, but the tuner - known for some rather outlandish creations - has provided the MC20 with GT racer looks, thanks to several visual accouterments.

The Refinement Package, as it's known, offers buyers a choice between a more subtle front bumper lip or the more pronounced lip with a mask. The MC20 seen below wears the latter; the carbon fiber add-on is noticeable on the grille and in front of the side air intakes.

The German firm will happily direct you to the front bumper splitter, headlight cover, and race flaps if you want more aggression. Naturally, all these parts are finished in carbon fiber.


A carbon fiber hood can also be specified, along with an air splitter and air outtakes fashioned out of the lightweight material. As you can see, opting for all the parts at once can be somewhat overwhelming, so choose wisely. That said, it could work if the MC20 in question is painted in black or gray.

Moving along the sides of the mid-engined Maserati, you'll find carbon fiber mirror caps and a set of side skirts. This six-piece accessory is branded with the Mansory logo and extends upwards to the door.

Round back is where you'll find the most significant changes. Buyers can opt for a more restrained rear lip spoiler or go full GT3 racer and specify the large rear sport wing with an integrated stop light.


It works rather well, especially when paired with the rear diffuser. This component essentially takes up the MC20's entire rear fascia and includes a pair of prominent titanium exhaust tips. Lastly, there's a choice of rear hood finishes. While identical, clients can select whether to have a rear-facing camera fitted or not. We'd strongly recommend the camera, as rear visibility looks non-existent.

Other available modifications include the striking FV.5 forged wheels, lowered suspension, and several exhaust options. While it's limited to the hardtop, it seems the kit will be made available for the striking MC20 Cielo very soon, as seen in the teaser image below.

If this doesn't appeal, DMC has also enhanced the MC20 with a racing-inspired body kit. Then again, the MC20 is a gorgeous car and, thanks to an endless array of personalization options, can be made to look perfect from the factory.


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