Transformers Bumblebee Camaros Are The Real Deal

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These aren't just regular Camaros with fancy decal.

With a new Transformers movie currently in theaters, now is a good time to drum up some hype for the franchise. In the series' most recent installment, the film's main character, Bumblebee, transforms into a classic Volkswagen Beetle rather than a Chevy Camaro.

Bumblebee transformed into a Beetle in the original Transformers show back in the 1980s but has recently been seen turning into a Camaro of some kind.

General Motors often used the Transformers franchise to show off Camaro Concepts, some of which hinted at future redesigns. If you were a big fan of the Bumblebee Camaros, you now have the opportunity to buy four of them later this month at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

barrett-jackson barrett-jackson

All four cars are sold as a group and proceeds from the sale will benefit Operation Homefront, a charity which aims to "build strong, stable and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities they have worked so hard to protect." The four lots include a 2010 Camaro from 'Transformers' and 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,' a 2010 Camaro from 'Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon,' a 2013 Camaro from 'Transformers: Age of Extinction,' and a 2016 Camaro from 'Transformers: The Last Night.'

barrett-jackson barrett-jackson

Of course, the Transformers franchise helped relaunch the Camaro back in 2010 after a 10-year hiatus from the market. The two 2010 cars look fairly similar, though the 2013 car features unique concept looks that were never seen on a production Camaro.

The 2016 car features a more aggressive version of the current Camaro's front end and acted as a preview for the 2019 facelift.

All four cars are powered by a V8 engine mated to an automatic transmission and are being sold with no reserve. Since all of the proceeds are going to charity, they should bring a handsome sum. Unfortunately, all four cars are sold with a scrap title, meaning they can not be driven on the road. At least they will look cool in someone's collection.

barrett-jackson barrett-jackson barrett-jackson barrett-jackson

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