Transmission Shop Redefines Shifty

Famous Persian singer runs a transmission shop in Burbank, California. We can't get enough of his creepy "Shift It" ad.

Running atransmission business by day and entertaining Farsi music lovers by night,Goorgen Zargarian is a man of many talents. Web video maestros Rhett and Link showcase the Persian’s split personality in a new commercial for his shop, and the result is one of the most cringe-worthy videos we’ve everseen. Arlen’s Transmission is based in Burbank, California, and if after watching you need a new gearbox fitted or have trouble sticking it in reverse, head on down to Goorgen’s shop where he’ll “please you with his service.”

While the denim shorts-wearing ladies add some spice to the spot, beware of the song. It has every chance of being lodged in your brain for the rest of the day.

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