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Transporter Crash Creates World’s First Range Rover Velar Convertible

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Perhaps it will inspire Jaguar Land Rover to put a convertible Range Rover Velar into production.

Jaguar Land Rover doesn't currently offer a convertible version of the Range Rover Velar, and to our knowledge it has no intention to. A roofless Velar recently became a reality, however. But it's not a one-off special created by Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations. No, what you're looking at here is the result of a bizarre accident in the UK. A brand-new Range Rover Velar was being delivered to a showroom on a car transporter, but the driver forgot to lower the top deck. You can probably imagine what happened when they drove under a bridge.

On impact, the roof was sliced off the SUV, accidentally creating the world's first Range Rover Velar convertible. The accident happened on the M61 near Farnworth in the UK. Fortunately, the driver wasn't hurt, but the Velar will obviously be written off. According to The Mirror, the transporter had just made a delivery at a showroom in Bolton and was en route to another delivery when the accident happened. There Range Rovers were on the transporter, including an Evoque that was also damaged after colliding with the bridge. Unlike the Velar, it looks like the Evoque will be repairable. Luckily, the third Range Rover escaped unharmed as it was located on the bottom deck.

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The transporter had just made a delivery at a showroom in Bolton and was on its way to another drop off when the accident happened. Police said the driver had forgotten to lower the top deck of the transporter after the last delivery. Consequently, the transporter was over the legal height and inevitably smashed into the bridge. It's safe to say delivery of this customer's Range Rover Velar will be slightly delayed, unless they fancy a convertible version. Perhaps it will convince Jaguar Land Rover to make a droptop Range Rover Velar to complement the smaller Evoque Convertible?