Travis Pastrana Navigates Florida In The Most Insane Gymkhana Film Yet

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After breaking his back at the top of the year, the daredevil has finally completed filming with his 862-hp Subaru GL wagon.

Travis Pastrana is undoubtedly doing the Gymkhana franchise justice since taking over from Ken Block in 2020, and that is especially apparent in the latest installment of the tire-shredding film series, which takes place in Florida. Sorry, Mr. Block, but as impressive as your all-electric Audi is, Pastrana's 862-horsepower Subaru GL Wagon, dubbed the Family Huckster, is simply on another level. Not only does it sound epic and look amazing with its active aerodynamics, but the stunts that Travis performs in this video are out of this world - even the new Subaru WRX makes an appearance and manages to look kinda cool. We won't say anymore - just check out the video below and see for yourself.

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

It's a miracle that this film even went ahead after Pastrana broke his back filming the opening skydive scene in January, but Travis ain't no quitter, and we, the viewers, are eternally grateful for that. His films are getting better and better, and this one is the finest to date. Finally, the Gymkhana franchise has some serious street cred again. Sure, the film was once again filmed in segments and then stitched together, but where else are you gonna see an old-school Subie doing this kind of crazy sh*t?

"Gymkhana 2022 is the wildest film I have done on four wheels. Period," said Travis Pastrana. "I never thought I'd race a fighter jet, do donuts around a Monster Truck doing nose wheelies, skim 100 feet across a six-foot-deep pond, or tandem slide with a helicopter. Definitely not in the same video. But here we are, with Gymkhana 2022!"

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

Filmed in the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, and parts of the Everglades, the South Florida film features some notable names from the world of YouTube sensationalism, including Cleetus McFarland with "Mullet," his 3,000-hp Chevrolet El Camino drag pickup. A twin-turbocharged fan boat, a scooter that looks like a Jet Ski, some ridiculously lifted trucks from American Force, and even a fighter jet feature. There's even a scene where the Family Huckster grinds an island like a skateboarder on a rail. Wild stuff, indeed.

"Travis stepped up big time for this film, really improving his driving style and proximity control," said Gymkhana director Brian Scotto. "But what makes Gymkhana 2022 stand apart is Travis' flat-out, just-ain't-care approach that created some truly unforgettable and downright sketchy moments for this film."

We can't wait to see how the next film will attempt to top this. Well done, Hoonigan.

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

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