Travis Pastrana's 862-HP Subaru Wagon Is Built To Kill Tires

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It will be featured in a new Gymkhana video later this year.

Back in January, the hooligans at Hoonigan said they were building something really, really fast based on the humble 1983 Subaru GL Wagon. The GL is a long-forgotten family estate car, best embodied today by the Subaru Impreza Hatchback, which this is evidently very far from. This is an 862 horsepower GL Wagon built for Travis Pastrana to get groceries and kill tires.

The 'Family Huckster' Subaru GL will show its aero-riddled face at the Goodwood Festival of Speed June 23-26, and better yet, it'll also appear in its own Gymkhana video later this year. After Pastrana's last run in Gymkhana 2020, we couldn't be more excited to hit 'play' on the upcoming vid.

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Normally we'd give you the "highlights reel" first; a list of the car's specs and maybe something crazy about it. But this is the highlights reel. The Huckster uses a turbocharged Boxer 4-cylinder to produce that 862 hp, which is hooked to a sequential 6-speed gearbox and an AWD system. Suspension is handled by a long-travel World Rally Championship-spec setup that'll "incorporate new developments for the vehicle's differential package from Pastrana's record-setting and overall winning run at the 2021 Mt. Washington Hill Climb."

The Huckster's party trick is its active rear wing, which is controlled electro-pneumatically. That's paired with front and rear hydraulic flaps on the fenders that can be deployed automatically or manually. The functional carbon fiber roof rack is designed to feed air to the boxer engine's rear-mounted radiator. As for the wheels, those were inspired by the OG Subaru wagon wheels of the 80s, and utilize a forged monoblock design to make them more durable.

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

This being a race car, the Huckster was built to be as light as possible, despite what its boxy physique might make you think. All the body panels were custom built out of carbon fiber, which drape over a tubular space frame on which the entire car is built. Inside, the gauge cluster was designed to look as retro as possible, while also keeping the GL's angular dash shape.

"The GL wagon is an iconic Subaru that I thought would be pretty rad to see flying through the air." said Pastrana. "Surprisingly, the Family Huckster is a lot smaller than the Airslayer. Combine that with the boxy shape and you have a perfect recipe for next-level precision driving. An active rear wing is helpful to an extent but the '83 wagon flies about as well as you would imagineā€¦kind of a like a brick." That should, at the very least, make the next Gymkhana video wildly entertaining.

Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan Hoonigan

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