TRD Japan Gives Lexus RC More F Sport

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Add all these components and you're close to the cost of an RC F.

We get the distinct feeling that Lexus could soon pull the RC coupe from the US market. But there's already a good 35,000 of them out on the street in America, and even more in other markets, where it'll likely carry on for another couple of years at least. Like in its native Japan, where Toyota Racing Development has released this new package of upgrades.

Available locally for the RC F Sport, the new body kit includes a new front lip spoiler, winglet canards, side skirts, rear spoiler, diffuser, and even mirror caps. And there are some structural components for the suspension as well.

Like an underbody member brace, performance dampers, and a fresh set of 19-inch alloys, along with new exhaust pipes to flank the rear diffuser treatment.

The visible components are being offered (again, only in Japan) in either bare lacquered carbon fiber or painted to match the bodywork in twelve colors. But they don't come cheap. Lexus Enthusiast reports that the body kit and muffler sell for ¥661,000 ($5,800), the wheels for another ¥562,000 ($5,000), the brace and dampers for ¥100,000 ($880) each. Add those up and you're looking at a whopping ¥1,423,000, or about $12.5k.

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That's on top of the base price for a vehicle that costs a good $50k in the US, give or take, depending on the powertrain configuration. Throw in all these components and you're getting close to the $65k list price on the top-of-the-line RC F performance coupe, which includes a far greater range of upgrades over the F Sport model – not the least of them being the big, naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8.

In that context, we wouldn't expect TRD to offer these upgrades in America, especially given the small number of RC coupes it sells here.

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