TRD Makes New Lexus ES F Sport Even Sportier


It's only for Japan at the moment

The new 2019 Lexus ES sedan looks pretty sharp. And it looks even sharper in F Sport trim. But now Toyota Racing Development has come out with a body kit to give it that extra sportier edge.

The package includes a new front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, mirror caps, and a new set of exhaust tips. There's a strut brace under the hood, and two new sets of wheels available 19- and 20-inch in size with more spokes than the sedan has upscale appointments inside and creases in its razor-like bodywork.

There is, however, the small matter of the price. A Lexus Enthusiast reports, the body kit (including the mufflers) costs the equivalent of $5,650. The brace goes for an extra $840. The 19-inch wheels add another $4,550, and the 20-inch wheels cost a whopping $5,790. Tick all the right boxes and you'll be looking at $12,280 in additional equipment. And that's over and above the price of the base car, which starts at $39,600 in the US, but commands $44,135 in ES 350 F Sport spec (on which the kit is based).

Bear in mind that back home in Japan (where the sedan can be had with cameras to replace the side mirrors), the ES 300h F Sport sells for even more: the equivalent of about $55k, or $67k with the TRD kit. And that, for the time being, is ostensibly the only place where Toyota is offering the body kit at the moment. So what do you think? Considering the price tags, should Lexus sell the TRD kit in America? Or is this one bit of forbidden fruit you're glad to avoid biting into?

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