TRD Reveals $26k FR-S Supercharger

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The arrival of a supercharger kit for the Scion FR-S is cause for celebration. But it comes with a sting in the tail.

We knew it was coming, and nearly a year after its official debut, the Scion FR-S can now be bought with a supercharger kit. Developed by Toyota's in-house performance division this supercharger sadly won't come cheap. A TRD service department notice was posted on the forum claiming the kit (not the car) will cost a ridiculous $26,000. Yes, that's completely nuts, but here's the thing: Toyota seems to be interested in offering a supercharged FR-S for racing purposes only.

The service bulletin states this fact very, very clearly: the supercharger is intended for "racing use only." And it doesn't end there as the document further claims buyers must place a minimum order of two superchargers in order to have a spare on hand. So what's the point of the supercharger kit if it can't be used for regular road use? Toyota wants the FR-S to compete in various SCCA World Challenge series events this year, and in order to be competitive the car needs to be a forced-induction boost. But in order for that supercharger to be used in the racing series, it must be offered for sale.

Want to hear some more chutzpah? TRD also won't offer the ECU remap instructions with the kit, thus requiring racing teams to figure it out on their own. No word yet on whether a less expensive supercharger kit is in the works but if you want one in the near future, you'll have to plan on racing your FR-S – and spend at least $52,000 in order to do so.

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