Tricked out Halftrack Cars

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Need to clear out some snow from your driveway? Here are a few things that can help.

These cars prove that the best way to beat the winter snow is to lose the tires entirely. Each winter motorists around the world waste their money buying winterized tires for their cars when they should be equipping them with cat tracks and tank treads. In case you didn't know, a car equipped with cat tracks/tank treads is pretty much the ultimate winter vehicle and is capable of taking on almost any type of snow-covered terrain.

I can think of several U.S. states and provinces in Canada that would kill to see the Dodge Vancat go into production. The Dodge Vancat is a modified Dodge Ram van created by Peak Snow Adventures of Northern Idaho. The Vancat is powered by a 390hp Ford V8 and sits on a pair of Hans Hall aluminum tracks. The Vancat can seat 16 and was last seen with a "for sale" sign on its window. Asking price: $30,000 obo.

Ken Block's TRAX STI is the envy of every snowed-in rally car driver and street racer. The TRAX STI is a modified Subaru WRX STI with four cat tracks instead of wheels. Thanks to modifications from Vermont's SportsCar, the TRAX STI pushes 400hp and is easily one of the fastest vehicles on four treads.

Any doubts you may have had about Russians being the masters of winter (sorry Canadians) will be put to bed by Metelica. Metelica is a tank conversion kit designed by a resourceful Russian living in Chelyabinsk. The kit is designed to be easy to use with minimal installation required. (Insert Yakov Smirnoff joke here).

Top Gear proved that you could drive a Toyota Tacoma to the North Pole, but I'd still rather make the trip in the Zero South Biodiesel Electric Hummer. Zero South's amazing Hummer mod features four cat tracks and houses a four-cylinder diesel Volkswagen engine to power its electric motors. The modified H1 was designed to drive to the South Pole as part of the film "Drive Around the World."

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